Favorite Items and Lists

Your favorites are items and shops that you want to keep track of by adding them to one of your favorite lists. This way you can easily save them for future reference.

Lists allow you to save and organize items into groups. Whether you’re gathering decor ideas for your home, saving a wish list, or sorting items by creative themes and motifs, lists can help you keep your collections organized.


Adding an Item to Your Favorites or Lists

Viewing and Organizing Your Favorites

Searching Your Favorites

Editing or Removing a List

Managing Privacy Settings for Favorites and Lists

Missing Items


Adding an Item to Your Favorites and Lists

  1. Hover over an item listing on the site and select the heart-shaped button. This will add the item to your Favorite items.
  2. You'll see a link pop up at the bottom of the screen asking if you also want to add to a list. You can select an existing list or create a new one.

Viewing and Organizing Your Favorites

To view your favorites, sign in and click the heart at the top right of any Etsy page. Click the tabs to toggle between Favorite items, Favorite shops, or any Lists you might have

Searching Your Favorites

To get right to an item, use the search field at the top of your Favorite items or any list you've created.

Editing or Removing an Item or List

To remove an item from your favorites:

  1. Mouse over the listing image in search results, the listing page, or within your Favorite items.
  2. Deselect the heart icon at the top right.

To remove an item from a list:

  1. Open the item listing.
  2. Click the heart button to remove the item.
  3. Choose the list you'd like to remove it from.

To remove a list or change its name:

  1. Visit the list you’d like to edit.
  2. Click the Edit button to delete or rename the list.

Managing Privacy Settings for Favorites and Lists

To choose whether they're private or public, open the Edit link toward the top right of your Favorite items or list.

Missing Items

There are a few reasons an item might disappear from your Favorite items or lists: 

  • The seller removed the item from their shop. 
  • The seller closed their shop. 
  • Etsy removed the item or shop for breaking site policies.

 Note: Sold out items will still appear in your favorites and lists. If that happens, you're welcome to contact the seller to see if they have another similar item.

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