Unable to Leave a Review

Buyers have a 100 calendar day window for leaving reviews. This time frame preserves the integrity of the Etsy marketplace and to help ensure that reviews are accurate and timely.

The option to leave a review for an order begins on the order's estimated delivery date.

Estimated delivery dates can vary depending on an order’s processing time and shipping time.

Processing time

The processing time is the length of time it takes the seller to ship an order after it has been placed. If the seller doesn’t provide their own processing time, the order will automatically be given a 5-business day processing time.

If the order contains multiple items with different processing times, the maximum processing time is used, whether it was a pre-set processing time or the estimate of 5 days for items without a processing time.

Note: Processing times are determined by the seller. If the seller updates processing times or marks the order as shipped early, Etsy will adjust the estimated arrival date and this will affect when your review window begins.

Shipping time

The shipping time is the number of days it takes the order to ship to the buyer. We use 4 business days for domestic orders within any country and 10 business days for international shipments.

Review restrictions

Keep in mind that reviews can’t be left or edited while a case is open for a particular transaction. The 100 calendar days to leave a review can run through the duration of a case.

Also, reviews cannot be left or edited for canceled transactions once the cancellation is processed, which takes 48 hours after the seller cancels.

If a seller responds to a review with 3 stars or less, the option to edit the original review will no longer be available.

Learn more about the case system on Etsy.

To learn how to leave a review for an in-person purchase, take a look at this Help article.

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