The Sell on Etsy App for iPhone and iPad

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You can download the Sell on Etsy app for iPhone and iPad here. If you already have the app, be sure it’s up-to-date to get all the newest features.

Sell on Etsy is designed for devices running iOS 10.3 or above to be a seller-only mobile experience.

Sell on Etsy is also available for Android. Learn more.

The app is divided into the following sections:


Your Dashboard has two subsections.

  • Shop overview is a quick way to see your orders, unread conversations, listings, and stats. 
  • Recent activity displays recent shop and listing favorites, incoming orders, and new reviews. 


Stats gives in-depth data about your traffic, listings, and customers to help you make the most of your shop. Learn about Stats here.


The orders section is divided into Open Orders and Completed Orders. Here you can mark an order as shipped, add tracking details, print receipts, contact the buyer, process a refund, and add a private note to your orders.

Note: Only full refunds can be processed within the Sell on Etsy app for any Etsy Payments transaction. To issue a partial refund, sign in on

A badge with the number of open orders will appear next to Orders on the navigation menu.


This section allows you to read, respond, or create new conversations with members.

The snippets feature on the app allows you to save commonly used phrases when communicating with other members.

You can access snippets throughout Conversations by following these steps:

  1. Tap on the snippets icon on the bottom middle of your screen.
  2. A new window will appear with a + sign at the top right.
  3. Tap the + to create a new snippet by giving a title and including a message.

Once you have snippets saved, you can access them directly from the message box while replying to conversations.



This section allows you to add and manage listings, add listing variations, renew expired listings, edit listing photos, add info on any production partners you work with, add and edit attributes, and search your items by keywords or filters.

Your shop

Preview how your shop will look to buyers on the Etsy shopping app.


Here you’ll see all the reviews your shop has received. You can’t respond to reviews from the app, but if you respond to a review on, that response will appear here.


These three sections can help you manage your shop's finances right in the app:

  • Payment account - View your account balance, see how much is available for deposit, and look at your recent order activity. 
  • Your bill - Pay your Etsy bill, view your bill total or check out your monthly statements. 
  • Payment settings - Adjust your deposit schedule, update payment methods, and update or add a billing credit card here. If you're a US-based seller, you can also view your sales tax settings from this section.

Social media

Share important milestones, promotions, and other shop updates to social media. These photos may relate to you, your items, or your shop as a whole. Learn more.


This section allows you to access the Etsy teams you participate in, explore and post in threads, and search for and join new teams.


Here you’ll see Shop settings and App notifications.

In Shop settings, you can add and edit information about your shop. The areas you can edit are:

  • Shop title: This is a one-sentence summary of your business. 
  • Shop announcement: Post an optional message to alert buyers to important information, such as sales or changes to your product line. 
  • Message to Buyers: This is a message that will be included in your buyers' receipts. 
  • Rearrange your shop: If you have more than one active listing, tap on a listing image to select it and tap again where you want to place it. 
  • About: Use your shop's About section to tell the story of your business, display shop photos, and introduce all the members of your shop. 
  • Shop policies: Let your buyers know how you run your business, whether you accept refunds or exchanges, which payment methods you accept, your shipping and processing times, and any other important information. This Help article further explains what kind of information you should include in your policies. 

In App notifications, you can edit your preferences for when the Sell on Etsy app sends you push notifications.


Here you’ll find links to the Seller Handbook and Etsy policies.



Here you can view and edit your public profile, switch between your accounts, add another account to use the app with, and sign out.

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