Promote Your Shop on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

You can easily share listings from your shop to your social media accounts. If you want to share important milestones or promotions happening in your shop, check out the social media tool.

To share your items from the Listings page:

  1. Go to Shop Manager > Listings.
  2. Click the gear to the right of a listing.
  3. Click Share.

If your shop is connected to Facebook, you'll also see the ability to share your listing on your Facebook business Page.

You'll have the opportunity to add text before you publish. We encourage you to make it interesting, so your followers will take notice.

Connecting your shop to Facebook and Twitter

Your shop needs to be open to the public for you to connect.

  1. Make sure you're signed out of Facebook or Twitter in the same browser.
  2. Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Info & Appearance and scroll down to Links.

If you manage multiple Facebook Pages, you will be able to choose from a list of your pages.

You can't connect the same Facebook Page or Twitter account to more than one Etsy shop.

You'll need to allow certain permissions to Etsy for the connection to work.

Etsy does not have access to your Facebook or Twitter account credentials when you connect. You authorize the connection securely and directly with Facebook or Twitter.

When you connect your Etsy account with your Facebook account, you grant Etsy permission to see the information you've made available to Facebook, such as your name, Likes, and your list of friends.

Additionally, when you link a Facebook Page with your Etsy shop, you grant Etsy the "Manage Pages" permission from Facebook. Granting this permission allows us to provide you with the option to post to your Facebook Page directly from Etsy.

When you connect your Etsy account with your Twitter account, you grant Etsy permission to access information already publicly available on Twitter. This information includes your Twitter username, followers, and friends.

Note: You can also add links on your shop homepage to your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (and also Instagram, blog, or website).

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