Image Size for Profile, Banners, Cover Photo, Listings, or Teams

Image size on Etsy depends on where the image is on the site (sizes are in pixels):

Profile photo

400 x 400

Shop Icon

500 x 500

Learn how to upload a profile picture and shop icon.

Order Receipt Banner

760 x 100

Shop Banner


Mini Banner

1200 x 160px

Big Banner

1200 x 300px

Carousel Banner

1200 x 300px per image.

Collage Banner

Depends on the number of images selected:

  • For 2 images, images must be sized to a minimum of 600 x 300px.
  • For 3 images, images must be sized to a minimum of 400 x 300px.
  • For 4 images images must be sized to a minimum of 300 x 300px.

The Carousel and Collage Banners are only available to sellers subscribed to Etsy Plus. Learn more about Etsy Plus.

Note: You can upload large items but be sure to keep the same ratio of length and width as the required minimum size. For example, if you want to upload a 2400 x 320 image as a Mini Banner, this would be fine as it maintains the same ratios.

Learn more about banners and cover photos.

Team logo

170 x 100

Find more information about Etsy Teams here.

Item listing photo:

At least 1500 pixels wide.

Learn more about listing images.

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