Pattern by Etsy

Pattern is an easy way to set up your own custom website for your brand, in addition to your Etsy shop. A custom website can give your business more exposure and help you reach new potential buyers outside of the Etsy marketplace.

Customization options

Pattern offers a variety of tools to customize your site and connect with buyers. Choose from several website layouts, create and share blog posts, and integrate your site with various marketing tools like MailChimp, Google Adwords, Facebook, and Pinterest.


It’s free to test out Pattern features and design a custom website. If you publish your website, you’ll begin a 30-day trial. After the free trial period is over, your Pattern subscription will begin and you'll see a $15.00 charge on your Etsy bill each month, plus tax where it applies. You can cancel Pattern at any time.

Learn more

To learn more about Pattern, check out these additional resources:

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