Web Domain Options

Owning a domain is an important part of managing your brand. With Pattern, you have the option to set up a unique domain name linked to your site. You’re also welcome to use the default URL if you prefer not to manage a domain.

Registering a domain

If you do not already own a domain name, you can register as many as you’d like through our partner, Tucows, on your Pattern Dashboard. You’ll be able to manage domain records, set your renewal preferences, and create a professional email address that matches your domain.

Learn more about registering and managing settings for a domain registered through Pattern here.

Connecting a third-party domain

If you already registered a domain name, you can connect it to your Pattern site by editing records from your domain provider’s website. This Help article has more information about connecting a third-party domain to your Pattern site.

Using the Pattern default web address

You can still create a website on Pattern without a domain if you don't want to register one. Your default website address will be: YourEtsyShopName.patternbyetsy.com.

Disconnecting a domain from your site

You can continue to use a domain you registered through Etsy even if you cancel your Pattern subscription. To learn more about your different domain management options, like disconnecting your domain or pointing it to a different website, click here.

For an overview on common terminology and the processes involved with managing a domain, take a look at this Help article.

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