Discounted Shipping For Multiple Items

Combined shipping costs give buyers a shipping discount for ordering multiple items from your shop.

Note: It isn't possible to set discounted rates for listings with calculated shipping.

If an order has listings with a mixture of calculated and manually-set costs, we first calculate costs for the listings using calculated shipping. We'll then add the "each additional item" cost to the remaining listings to determine the order's shipping total.

Primary and secondary shipping

When listing an item in your shop, you must enter primary and secondary shipping costs.

Primary shipping cost: This is the cost of shipping the item alone.

Secondary shipping cost: This is the additional cost of shipping another purchased item.

The secondary cost applies when a buyer purchases multiple, different listings within your shop at the same time. This also applies when multiple quantities of the same item are purchased.

  • When creating a listing, enter the secondary cost in the Each additional item field. If you want to offer shipping discounts for purchasing multiple items, this price should be lower than the One item cost. See examples below.

  • If you don't want to offer a discounted combined shipping rate, just enter the same amount for the primary and secondary shipping costs.

  • If you want additional items to ship at no extra charge, enter $0.00 as the secondary shipping cost.

Combined shipping examples

Item A:

  • Primary shipping cost (One item) = $2.00
  • Secondary shipping cost (Each additional item) = $0.50

Item B:

  • Primary shipping cost = $1.00
  • Secondary shipping cost = $0.75

If Item A and Item B are purchased together, the total combined shipping cost would equal the greater primary shipping cost of the two items (Item A: $2.00), plus the secondary shipping cost of the remaining item(s) (Item B: $0.75).

If three of Item A are purchased together, the total combined shipping cost to the buyer would equal the primary shipping cost for the first item ($2.00), plus $.50 each for the two additional items. The total combined shipping cost to the buyer in this situation would be $3.00.

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