Getting Featured on Etsy

There are so many brilliant, unique shops on Etsy that we're not able to feature everyone. We hope we'll be able to feature you!

Sellers don't submit their items to us to be considered. Instead, Etsy's Merch team scours the site for items and shops to feature.

Increase your chances

Make sure your photos are as great as they can be.

We just can't stress this point enough! Learn how to make your photos ready for publicity.

Tell your shop's story and operate transparently.

Fill out your About section and make sure your shop policies are accurate and up-to-date.

Be an active part of the Etsy community.

Being active on Etsy can help more people find out about you. For instance, take part in a team.

Work on your tags and titles.

Titles and tags make it easier for people to find you and your items. Learn about getting found in Search results.

Be in good standing on Etsy.

Read over the requirements sellers have to fulfill to be featured on Etsy.

For more tips on improving your shop:

  • Take a look at this article from our Seller Handbook for more tips for getting your shop feature-ready.
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