How to Leave a Review on Etsy

You can leave a review from your Purchases page:

Go to my Purchases

To leave a review:

  1. On or the Etsy app, click You.
  2. Click Purchases and reviews.
  3. Find the item you want to review.
  4. Click the star rating you want to give next to Review this item.
  5. Write your review in the textbox.
  6. If you left a five-star review, you can upload an optional picture.
  7. Click Post your review.

If you purchased several items from the same shop, you can leave a review for each item.

If you don’t see the option to leave a review, learn why.

How reviews work on Etsy

You can use Etsy’s five-star review system (one being the lowest and five being the highest) to review your purchases. Reviews help other shoppers on Etsy make informed decisions about what to purchase, and reviews help sellers know how they’re doing.

When you leave a review, your profile information is publicly displayed in the seller's reviews.

When can I leave a review?

You can leave a review once your order is marked as delivered or on the estimated delivery date. You have 100 days from when the order was delivered or the estimated delivery date to leave your review. You can edit your review any number of times during that 100 day period.

For purchases of digital items, the 100 day period begins when you download the file(s).

Learn more about when you can leave a review.

Can I leave a review for an Etsy item bought through Square?

Reviews on Etsy can only be left for items that have been sold through Etsy. If you sell an item in-person through Square, the buyer can't leave a review on The buyer can leave a review on Square.

What happens if my order is cancelled?

Keep in mind that if an order or transaction is cancelled, Etsy considers that order or transaction to be over and voided. However, it can take up to 48 hours for the cancellation to process, during which time an eligible review can be left and edited.

You can leave a review for an item you purchased on your Purchases page.

If you don’t see the option to leave a review, it may be too soon or too late to leave a review.

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