How to Set Postage Prices with Delivery Profiles

You can save time adding postage prices to products in your shop by creating delivery profiles. With saved delivery profiles, you can update multiple listings quickly with similar postage costs. To learn more about delivery profiles and other delivery tools on Etsy, read the Beginners Guide to Delivery.

If you make a change to a profile, all of your listings connected to that profile will be updated as well. If you’re a seller in the US or Canada and would like to have postage costs automatically calculated for you, use calculated postage.

📦     For US sellers, keep in mind that when setting postage prices that you can save up to 30% on postage costs compared to retail rates by purchasing USPS Postage Labels directly through Etsy. Purchase Etsy Postage Labels from your Shop Manager.

To create a delivery profile:

  1. On, click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Delivery settings.
  4. Click Delivery profiles.
  5. Click Add a delivery profile.
  6. Fill out the appropriate delivery details. You also have the option to set separate domestic and international handling fees.
  • If your entering fixed costs manually, you can add delivery upgrades. Learn more about delivery upgrades.
  • If you're adding calculated postage, include your item weight and size.
  • Click Save.

Once you create and save a delivery profile, it can be applied to any future listings you add to your shop.

This video (in English) shows how to set up delivery profiles:

How to connect listings to your delivery profiles

To link your delivery profiles to listings:

  1. On, click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Listings.
  3. Click the checkbox of the listing that needs a delivery profile.
  4. Click Editing options. 
  5. Click Change delivery profiles from the dropdown menu.
  6. In the next window, click the Select profile… dropdown menu and choose a delivery profile.
  7. Click Apply to save your changes.

A listing can only be connected to one delivery profile.

Offering free delivery

You have the option to include free delivery for new and existing delivery profiles. You can add free delivery by editing a delivery profile from your delivery settings.

If you use calculated postage, scroll down to the Free delivery section of a delivery profile. Specify whether you'd like to offer domestic or international free delivery by checking the appropriate boxes.

For fixed delivery profiles, select Free delivery from the What you’ll charge dropdown.

Learn more about offering free delivery.

Questions about delivery profiles?

Ask the Community

Your location and the delivery address for the buyer determine the cost of delivery for you. The postage price the buyer sees is based on the settings in your delivery profile. 

On Etsy, you can offer fixed-price postage, or calculated postage if you purchase USPS or Canada Post postage labels through Etsy.

Learn more about delivery profiles:

Here are the solutions to some common issues with postage prices, costs, and profiles:

The order contains multiple items

There are a few reasons that an order with multiple items may have incorrect postage costs:

  • The combined dimensions of the items in the order may not fit into your chosen package preferences. Calculated postage splits the order into multiple packages unless all items can fit into one package, which can increase postage cost. You can reduce item dimensions so that the correct number fits into your available packages, or find a package that works for this order.
  • The items may have different delivery origin postal codes. Check the delivery profiles of all listings in the order and update any with an incorrect origin postal code.
  • The order may combine items with calculated postage and fixed-cost postage. In this scenario, we determine the postage cost for all calculated items, and add the “Additional item” costs for all fixed-cost items, regardless of what the costs are. To fix this, you can either use calculated postage for all listings, or change the “Additional item” price for your fix-cost listings.
  • Handling fees are charged per item, so a larger order may have several handling fees being added to the calculated postage cost. Consider using package fees instead.

The order only contains one item

There are a few reasons that an order with only one item may have incorrect postage costs:

  • You may want to change your postage rate type. If you use USPS calculated postage, you have the option to charge the Etsy Postage Label rate or the USPS retail rate. If you use Etsy’s labels, you likely want to use the Etsy Postage Label rate. If you go in person to the post office, you’ll likely want USPS retail rates. You can edit your postage rate type from the Rates & upgrades tab.
  • You may have an old origin postal code set for the delivery profile for this item. Check and update the origin postal code in the listing’s calculated postage profile.

The order has multiple items

If the postage price for an order with multiple items is too high or too low, it may be because of the postage price for an additional item. 

On a fixed-cost delivery profile, you can set the price of delivering an additional item that uses that same profile. If you'd like to offer a discount for the delivery of additional items, you'll want to include an "Additional item" postage cost that's lower than the item's "One item" postage cost.

If an item(s) in this order has a different delivery profile or no profile, the highest "One item" postage cost of all the items is charged, then the "Additional item" cost for each additional item in the order is added to that.

To check that all listings use the same delivery profile:

  1. From your Listings page, click More filters on the right side of the page. 
  2. Select the delivery profile you want to see, or listing that don't have a profile associated with them ("No Delivery Profile"). 

The order has a delivery upgrade

Fixed-cost delivery upgrades add to the base postage cost, rather than replace it. For example, a base postage cost of £5 with an upgrade cost of £10 will charge the buyer £15 total for delivery.

Variations don’t have separate postage costs. If you have a listing that varies greatly in size or weight, the best way to reflect accurate postage costs is to list each variation in a different listing.

There are a few reasons you may not be able to use calculated postage:

  • Currently, only sellers who use USPS or Canada Post to send orders can use calculated postage. If you’re in a different country, can’t use these carriers, or send your items as letter mail or freight, you’ll need to set fixed-cost postage rates
  • Calculated postage is not available yet on the Android version of Sell on Etsy. If you use the Sell on Etsy app on an Android phone or tablet, you’ll need to use to set up or edit calculated postage settings.
  • Calculated postage can’t be used on private, custom listings. 

If none of these apply, click I still need help and Etsy Support can look into your issue.

If you received an order from a location you don’t deliver to you have a few options. You can choose to: 

Why did I receive an order from a location I don’t deliver to?

This can mean that an international delivery destination was enabled by mistake. If a listing or delivery profile shows that it is delivered to the destination “Everywhere Else”, the listing is delivered worldwide. 

You can remove “Everywhere else” by clicking the recycling bin icon on its right side in the listing’s Delivery section or on the delivery profile

This issue is often related to some listings not using a delivery profile. You can check for listings without delivery profiles from your Listings manager:

  1. On right side menu of the Listings manager, click More filters
  2. In the Delivery profiles filter, select No Delivery Profile
  3. Click the checkbox on these listings.
  4. Click Editing options.
  5. Click Change delivery profile.
  6. Select the delivery profile you want to apply to these listings.
  7. Click Apply.

Each listing can have only one delivery origin. If you fulfill orders using multiple different distribution centres, your options are separate listings, or separate shops.

There are a few reasons why your processing time or dispatch-by date might seem incorrect:

  • Processing times are in business days (Monday through Friday). Orders on Saturday and Sunday are considered Friday orders, in terms of their processing times.
  • Processing times can appear incorrect due to differences in the seller’s, buyer’s, and Etsy’s time zones. 

If your dispatch deadline is off by a day, these reasons are the most likely causes. If it’s more than a day, it may be a technical issue. Click I still need help and include an example order number to investigate further.

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