How to Print a USPS SCAN Form

There are two ways to print a USPS SCAN form.

Print a USPS SCAN form for labels you purchased in bulk

After you make a bulk postage label purchase, you’ll see a confirmation window confirming that the purchase was a success. To print a SCAN form for the labels that were contained in that purchase, click Print a USPS SCAN form in the confirmation window. Your form will download and you can print it.

Print a USPS SCAN form for labels bought throughout a day

  1. After you’ve purchased all the labels you need, open your Shop Manager.
  2. Click Orders and Delivery.
  3. Click the checkboxes next to the orders you want to include in your SCAN form.
  4. Click Create USPS SCAN form.

Your form will download and you can print it.

To see all your purchased labels, click Purchased labels from your Completed orders tab.

I want to print a SCAN form for labels purchased on different days

It is only possible to print a SCAN form for postage labels that have both a purchase date and dispatch date of today.

What is a USPS SCAN form?

A USPS SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) is a single-page form bearing one bar code. These forms represent several postage labels, and are used when a dispatcher has a large quantity of packages to dispatch at once.

When a SCAN form is scanned at the post office, all of the postage labels contained within receive an acceptance scan and enter the mail stream at once.

Learn more about SCAN forms at the USPS.

I need a refund for a label in my SCAN form

You can request a refund for a label in a SCAN form, but this will invalidate the SCAN form and that form can no longer be used. 

Other labels already on that form can't be added to another SCAN form. These labels will now need to be scanned individually at the post office.

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