Canada Post Solutions for Small Business

Postage for Canada Post can be purchased in Shop Manager.

If you're a Canadian seller with a valid Solutions for Small Business account through Canada Post, you can link that account to purchase discounted Canada Post postage directly from Etsy. If you don’t have a Solutions for Small Business account, you can create one on Etsy or by visiting Canada Post’s website. Postage labels purchased through Etsy count toward the overall purchase volume of the connected Solutions for Small Business account.

As of March 30 2021, a Solutions for Small Business account is required to purchase Canada Post postage labels on Etsy.

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While most Etsy sellers should qualify for a Solutions for Small Business account, eligibility is determined by Canada Post and is not guaranteed.

How do I get my Solutions for Small Business discounts?

To get your discounts, connect your existing Solutions for Small Business account or sign up for a new one. If you already have a Solution for Small Business account, make sure you have your Canada Post account number on hand.  

  1. Sign in to and navigate to Shop Manager.  
  2. Click Settings.  
  3. Click Delivery settings.  
  4. Click Rates & upgrades.
  5. Click Connect your account.  
  6. Confirm your address if prompted (you only see this if you haven’t purchased Etsy Postage Labels before).
  7. To sign up for a Solutions for Small Business account, choose I don’t have an existing account, then verify the information on the next screen. If you already have an account, choose I have an existing account, then enter your Customer number.  
  8. Once your account is successfully connected, a confirmation message appears along with your savings level.  

The same options for connecting a new or existing Solutions for Small Business account appear during the postage label purchasing process.  

You can also sign up for a Solutions for Small Business account directly on Canada Post’s website.

Where will the discounts be visible?

Check and compare retail and Solutions for Small Business rates with our Price Your Postage tool. Use this tool when determining your own postage rates, deciding whether or not to enrol in a Free Delivery Guarantee, or when responding to postage inquiries from buyers.

To check your discounts:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the Price Your Postage tool.  
  3. Choose whether your package is Domestic, to the USA, or International.
  4. Enter the postal code you’re dispatching from.
  5. If the package is Domestic, enter the recipient’s postal code. If the package is going to the USA, specify the state. If the package is International, specify the recipient’s country.
  6. Choose the package type from the menu, and enter its weight and dimensions.
  7. Click Calculate Prices when you’re finished to see prices for different package types when purchasing at retail or through your Etsy account.  

If you use calculated postage, you see a preview of the discounted postage price in the calculated postage profile(s) that apply to Canada and Canada Post.

When you purchase postage labels, you see a discounted cost and a note that this came from Solutions for Small Business.

When does my savings level change?

Canada Post reviews your account quarterly and determines whether any change to your savings level is needed. Changes are reflected in your Etsy account shortly afterwards.  

How does label printing work?

For most label purchases, the labels are available for printing immediately after purchase. For larger amounts of labels purchased in a single batch, you may see a notification that your labels will become available for printing in a few minutes.  

The status of the label purchase is also displayed on the Completed tab of the Orders & Delivery page. This status automatically updates to show when the labels are ready for printing. (If you'e not viewing this page when your order is ready to print, you see a pop-up notification in the lower left corner of your screen.)

How do I request a refund?  

If you bought a label by accident or no longer need it, request a refund for unused, unscanned labels within 15 days of purchase.

To request a refund for Canada Post postage labels:

  1. Sign in to  
  2. Click Shop Manager.  
  3. Click Orders & Delivery.  
  4. Click on the affected order to see the Order details.
  5. In the Postage labels details section, click Request refund.  

This link is not available immediately after purchase, so you may see a message asking you to wait at least an hour before the option becomes available.

When you submit a refund request, your confirmation messages on screen and in email includes a Canada Post service ticket number for the refund. You can refer to this if you need to contact Canada Post directly. You also receive an email directly from Canada Post informing you of the status and outcome of your request.  

For packages with guaranteed delivery times, check whether you qualify for a refund.

For refunds related to loss or damage, you may be able to file a claim directly with Canada Post.

How do I connect a different Solutions for Small Business account?

To change the Solutions for Small Business account currently linked to your Etsy shop:

  1. Sign in to  
  2. Click Shop Manager.  
  3. Click Settings.  
  4. Click Delivery settings.  
  5. Click Rates & upgrades
  6. Click Connect a different account to expand this section.  

Enter your customer number, then click Submit.

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