How to Leave a Review on Etsy

You can leave a review from your Purchases page:

Go to my Purchases

To leave a review:

  1. On or the Etsy app, click the Your Account icon.
  2. Click Purchases and reviews.
  3. Find the item you want to review.
  4. Click the star rating you want to give next to Review this item.
  5. Add at least five words of text to describe the item and/or the service you received. 
  6. If you left a five-star review, you can upload an optional picture.
  7. Click Post Your Review

If you purchased several items from the same shop, you can leave a review for each item.

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The five-star review system

Etsy has a five-star review system (one being the lowest and five being the highest) for reviewing your purchases. Choose a star rating that best represents the product and experience you had, and add details in the provided text space. The more detailed your review, the more helpful it will be to other shoppers on Etsy . 

Once your review is posted, your profile information will be publicly displayed in the seller's reviews. 

Buyers using the Buy on Etsy app for iOS can give a star rating for the Item Quality, Shipping, and Seller Customer Service, in addition to the overall rating.

At this time, the ratings for Item Quality, Shipping, and Seller Customer Service do not appear publicly and do not affect either the review’s overall star rating or the shop’s review score.

Which items can be reviewed?

If you don’t see Review this item next to your order in Purchase and reviews, then it’s not able to be reviewed at this time. Here are the criteria that determines when an order can be reviewed: 

  • You can only review orders that are associated with an Etsy account. If you purchased as a guest instead of signing in to Etsy, you can claim the order to your new or existing Etsy account and leave a review. 
  • The order must be within a 100-day review window, starting from the order’s estimated delivery date. For digital items, this window begins once you download your file(s). This window is not paused if the order has an open case. 
  • The item must have been purchased on or the Etsy app. If you sell an item in person through Square, the buyer can’t leave a review on Etsy, but can leave one on Square.
  • There must not be an open case on the order. You can leave a review once the case is closed. 

If an order or transaction is canceled, Etsy considers that order or transaction to be over and voided. However, it can take up to 48 hours for the cancellation to process, during which time a review can be left and edited.

Can I delete or edit my review? 

You can edit the star rating, photograph, and the written note any number of times during the 100-day review period. 

Reviews cannot be edited while a case is open for that order. 

If you leave a review of 3 stars or fewer, and the seller responds, you won't be able to edit the review, even if the seller deletes their response. Let us know if you’d like us to remove your original review. 

To edit your review on 

  1. Go to You, then click Purchases and reviews
  2. Find your order. 
  3. Click Edit review
  4. Change the star rating and text as needed. 
  5. When you’re finished, click Post Your Review

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You can leave a review for an item after the date your order should arrive. This date is listed on your Purchases page:

Leave a review or report an issue on [the date your order should arrive]

After this date, you’ll have 100 days to leave a review. If you don’t see the option to edit your review or leave one, it may be too late.

You can edit your review any number of times during the 100 day review period. 

If a seller responds to your review, you can’t edit your review. Click I still need help if you’d like us to remove your original review.

You can leave a review after the day your order should arrive, and you have 100 days after that date to leave or edit a review.

Reviews can’t be left or edited while a case is open, but the 100 day period continues while a case is open. 

If you still have the option to leave a review when the case is closed, feel free to leave or edit a review about the product and/or service you received.

Reviews also can’t be edited or left on canceled transactions.

If you’re having technical issues leaving a review, and you’re within the review window, try updating your browser, or using a different web browser.

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