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If you have questions about an item you're interested in, the seller is the best person to help you.

Question about an order you’ve already placed? Choose your order for help.

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To contact Etsy’s customer service, select the Contact support button below and  we can help you with account, shop, or purchasing issues.

We’ll connect you with the type of support that’s the best fit for your specific question: chat, phone, or email.

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You must sign in to your Etsy account to contact Etsy Support. This helps us verify your identity and provide you with quicker customer service. If you can’t sign in and need to contact Etsy Support, follow the steps in this article.

You can also register for an account if you don’t already have one.

Etsy Support won’t make unrequested phone calls without prior notification. If you receive an unexpected phone call from someone claiming to be Etsy Support, hang up and reach out to Etsy through the Contact support button if you need help. 

Phone support can only be safely requested through Etsy’s Contact support form. Don’t call phone numbers you may see circulating on the internet, as they may not be legitimate.

I have a question about payments

If you have a question about your Payment account or Etsy Payments, you can most likely find the answer in our Help Center.

How do I start an Etsy shop?

Congrats on starting your Etsy shop! 

How do I resolve a suspension or policy issue with my account?

If you had a listing removed by Etsy or your account is suspended due to a policy issue, we can point you to what to do next.

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