Shop Stats Glossary

Key metrics


The number of people who looked at your shop or listings


The total number of orders sold in your shop (not the number of items sold)


The total sales of all your orders, minus your shipping and tax costs

Conversion rate

The percentage of visitors to your shop that make an order—calculated as Conversion Rate = Number of Orders / Number of Visits.

Conversion Rate is one of the most important metrics for growing your business, and can be affected by many things, like photo quality, price, reviews, listing titles and description, and shipping & return policies.

Listing views

The number of times people looked at your listings

Year over year (YoY)

A comparison of how your metrics are performing between a selected time frame and that same time frame the year before

Listing views per visit

The ratio of total views to visits. This shows on average how many listings people look at when they visit your shop.


Traffic sources

Etsy search

Visits from people searching on Etsy. This doesn’t include Etsy Ads promoted in Etsy search or search traffic in the Etsy app. You can also see what search terms people are using to find your listings.

Etsy app and other Etsy pages

Visits from people browsing the Etsy App or on pages on (excluding Etsy search). 

App pages include visits to your listing or shop through any page of the App, from Etsy search, favorites and Etsy Ads clicked in the app. 

Other pages on include category pages, the home page, Editors' Pics, favorites, forums, and more.

Etsy marketing & SEO

Visits from traffic through Offsite Ads on Google and Bing or search engine optimization to drive more traffic to your shop from external channels.

Etsy Ads

Visits from ads in search results on This doesn't include visits from Etsy Ads on the Etsy app or Offsite Ads. All app activity is included in the “Etsy app and other Etsy pages” traffic source

Offsite Ads

Visits from traffic through Offsite Ads on websites like Google and Facebook. Click Orders from Offsite Ads to learn more.

Social Media

Visits from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media websites through your personal accounts, organic sharing on social media, and Offsite Ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Visits from ads in Etsy search and on Google. This doesn't include visits from ads on the Etsy app. All app activity is included in the “Etsy app and other Etsy pages” traffic source.

Direct & other traffic

Visits from people who typed your shop URL into their browser, bookmarked your page, clicked a link in an email, instant message, blog, news article, or any other website that sent traffic to your shop.


Time frames


Midnight to the current time


Midnight to midnight yesterday

Last 7 Days

The last 7 days including today

Last 30 Days

The last 30 days including today

All time

Data going back to January 2013


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