Stats Glossary

Key metrics  
Views The number of times someone loads a listing page or shop page
Visits The number of people who looked at your shop or listings
Orders The number of sales (not the number of items sold)
Revenue Your gross sales: the sum total of all your orders, minus your shipping and tax
Listing views The number of times your listings were looked at
Year over year (YoY) A comparison between now and last year of the time frame and metrics you’re viewing


Traffic sources Visits from other pages on, including Etsy search
External search Visits from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines
Social Media Visits from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media websites
Etsy App and Direct Visits from people who typed your URL into their browser, bookmarked your page, or clicked a link in an email, instant message, or Etsy mobile app
Other Visits from blogs, news, and all other websites that sent traffic to your shop


Time frames  
Today Midnight to the current time
Yesterday Midnight to midnight yesterday
Last 7 Days The last 7 days excluding today
Last 30 Days The last 30 days excluding today
All time Data going back to January 2013
Custom  Time frame of your choosing


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