How to List an Item in Your Etsy Shop

The older version of the listing experience will no longer be available starting June 25. Select Switch to new version in the Listings section of Shop Manager.

Before you can start listing items, you must register as a seller. Review our Seller Policy to make sure your items fit into Etsy’s handmade, vintage, or craft supply categories.

  1. Sign in and go to Shop Manager.
  2. Select Listings.
  3. Select Add a listing.
  4. Fill in the relevant information in the listing creation form. 
  5. When you’re finished, select Publish. The listing is now live in your shop.

If you’d rather save the listing for later, select Save as Draft instead. 

Learn how to copy a listing to create multiple listings at once. 

There are six tabs in the listing form you must fill out before you can publish.

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This is what shoppers see when browsing for items on Etsy, so be sure to follow best practices for getting your items found in search. From here you can add: 

  • Title: A listing’s title can be up to 140 characters long. Try to include keywords that buyers would use when searching for an item like this.
  • Photos and video: Up to 10 photos and 1 video can be attached to each listing. Select Edit to adjust the image thumbnail, crop the photo to the aspect ratio of your choosing, or delete the photo. Select Apply when finished. Learn about best practices for or images in your Etsy shop.
  • Digital files : Add up to five files for buyers to download when purchasing a digital item from your shop. This section only appears if you select Digital files in the Core details section.
  • Description: Describe the details of your item so buyers know what they’re getting.
    Learn about best practices for listing descriptions.
  • Personalization: Select Add Personalization if you want to offer the ability to customize your item. Then, add in any personalization instructions you want buyers to see, set a limit on the number of characters a buyer can request when customizing the item, and select if you want to make personalization optional or mandatory for this item. 

Price & Inventory

  • Price: Set the amount buyers will pay for your item here. The price will appear in your preferred currency. When you enter a price on a listing, a profit estimate appears. This can be either a single price or a range, depending on your variation settings. Select the dropdown to see more details.
  • Quantity: Add the amount of the item you have for sale. Learn more about how item quantity works with listing fees.
  • SKU: Create a custom SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number for the item to help keep track of your inventory.


Add variations to your listing if you’d like to offer different options for the item, like size or color. You’ll only be able to add variations to an item once you’ve selected a category for the item in the Details section. Variations are unavailable for digital listings

Learn how to add variations to your listings.


Listing details make it easier for shoppers to find your items in Etsy search, and help them know exactly what they’re buying. 

In this tab, you can add:

  • Core Details: These are the most basic aspects of your listing, including if it is a physical or digital listing, who made the item, what it is, and when it was made. Add any production partners involved in the creation of this item.
  • Category: The category determines which sections of Etsy’s marketplace your item appears in. Type the category of your item into the search bar, then under Results, select the option that is the closest match for what you’re listing.
  • Attributes: Give details about the qualities of the item, such as the color, material, size dimensions, etc. The attributes listed under this section will change depending on the category you selected. Learn more about how to use attributes for your listings.
  • Tags: Add up to 13 tags that describe your item. This helps your item appear in shoppers’ search results. Learn how using tags can help you get found in search.
  • Materials: Let shoppers know what your item is made out of.


Apply accurate shipping information to your listings so buyers have realistic expectations on when the order will arrive. If the listing is for a digital item, buyers will download the files you uploaded immediately after purchase. 

  1. In the Shipping Option section, choose Select Profile
  2. Choose one of your existing shipping profiles and select Apply, or select Create new profile.
  3. Enter the Item weight
  4. Enter the Item size (when packed)
  5. If the item will be sent with an international shipping label, you can enter the Tariff Number to prefill a customs form.

Select Change Profile if you need to apply a different shipping profile to your listing. You can also select the three dots next to a shipping profile to Edit or Duplicate it.


Adjust settings to how your listing appears and how you’ll handle requests for returns.

Questions about listings?

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You can edit all parts of a listing at any time. There's no cost to edit a listing.

If you’re having trouble creating or editing listings, select an issue to learn how to resolve it:

If you find your listing isn’t renewing properly, or says it Needs Review when you are making edits, you’ll need to clarify some parts of your shipping preferences. 

Etsy requires sellers from all origin countries to provide an estimated delivery date to save a shipping profile and listing. 

For each listing, you will need to have the following information completely filled out:

  • Domestic shipping service
    • If Other is selected, you must provide a delivery time.
  • Cross-border shipping service
    • If Other is selected, you must provide a delivery time.
    • Cross-border services will be required of all sellers in all countries who ship internationally.
  • If you offer shipping upgrades, shipping service or delivery time.
  • Origin ZIP/postal code/postcode/PIN, which the ioptem is shipping from
  • A processing time to indicate how long you need to get an order ready and handed off to your shipping carrier. Learn how to set a processing time.

You are required to add the above information to listings/shipping profiles whenever you:

  • Create a new listing
  • Duplicate a listing
  • Edit an existing listing
  • Create a new shared or custom shipping profile
  • Duplicate a shipping profile
  • Edit an existing shipping profile

Your image may be too small or too large

We recommend your images be at least 2000 pixels wide. You may want to use image editing software to resize your images before uploading them to Etsy.

Files bigger than 300k may time out, especially on a slower internet connection. Try using a smaller file or compressing your file to reduce its size.

If you are seeing the error message “Listings look best with photos at least 2000 pixels wide”

This error appears when the images uploaded to a listing are less than 2000 pixels wide. While this error is only a suggestion and you should be able to continue publishing, having your listing images be at least 2000 pixels wide will result in better quality images for buyers.

If you’re experiencing a different issue with image uploads, check the steps in this Help Center article.

You can create a new variation type by selecting Create a new variation from the Add or Edit variations popup window. However, buyers won’t be able to filter their Etsy search results based on custom variations.

For example, if you want to offer a unisex size variation, you can choose Create a new variation and type in “Size.”

This is normal, and you'll see the variations and price differences you added when you publish your listing. Try publishing your listing. You can see how buyers can interact with variations from the published listing.

If you’re a seller outside the US and India, you can set up a different listing price for orders shipping within your country and orders shipping outside your country. Learn more to set up domestic & global pricing.

Everything listed for sale on Etsy must be handmade, vintage, or a craft supply. Items sold on Etsy must also follow our Prohibited Items Policy.

Handmade items

Handmade items are items that are made and/or designed by you, the seller. If you sell handmade items, you must:

  • Physically make or create the original designs for your items.
  • Include each person involved in making your items or running your business in the About section of your shop. If you work with a production partner, you must disclose that production partner in your relevant listings.
  • Use your own photographs in your listings.

Read our full Handmade Policy.

Vintage items

Vintage items must be at least 20 years old. Newer, vintage-style, or collectible items aren’t allowed in this category.

Learn more about selling vintage items on Etsy.

Craft supplies

Craft supplies on Etsy are tools, ingredients, or materials whose primary purpose is for use in the creation of an item or special occasion. Craft supplies may be handmade, commercial, or vintage. Party supplies may also be sold as craft supplies.

Learn about what can be sold as a craft supply.

If your listing was removed by Etsy for a violation of Etsy’s policies, check your email inbox for a message from Etsy. In the email you received about this listing(s), you’ll be told the reason it was removed.

If you’re unable to locate an email about your listing:

  • Make sure you’re using the email address registered with the shop that the listing was associated with
  • Check your spam or junk mail

Also be sure to review Etsy’s policies to ensure that your items can be listed on our marketplace. 

You can deactivate or delete a listing from your Listings page. Check the box next to the listing, then choose Deactivate or Delete. If you deactivate a listing, you can reactivate it later. If you delete a listing, it is permanently deleted.

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