How to Save on Etsy Fees with the Share & Save Program

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Once you have Share & Save set up, you can find your trackable shop link in your Shop Manager and the Share & Save page.

With Share & Save, you can save on Etsy fees when you drive your own traffic to your shop and listings. Once you enroll in Share & Save, if a buyer places an order within 30 days of clicking a link you’ve shared, you get an instant refund of 4% off the eligible order total from your Etsy Payment account balance. 

Use Share & Save as part of your shop’s marketing strategy to share trackable links outside of Etsy, such as in your:

  • Social media posts and bios

  • Business cards

  • Marketing email lists

  • Newsletters
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How do I set up Share & Save? 

To set up Share & Save: 

  1. From Shop Manager, go to Marketing
  2. Select Share & Save
  3. Select Join now

After you sign up, your shop link will continue to count towards Share & Save unless you choose to opt out. You can share your trackable link with buyers to drive business to your shop, and earn 4% of the order total every time a buyer places an eligible order within 30 days of clicking the link. The refund is processed instantly once the buyer completes the order. 

The 4% of the order total is calculated the same way as Etsy’s transaction fees. For example, if the buyer’s order, with shipping costs and/or gift wrapping services comes out to 100 dollars before taxes, a refund of 4 dollars is posted to your payment account. 

What kind of links can I share? 

After you opt in to Share & Save, links to your shop in the format of are eligible for promotion. If you use a custom URL for your shop, you’ll have to set up domain forwarding to make sure your links are in the proper format for Share & Save. 

You can also share trackable links for: 

  • Specific listings: On desktop and mobile web, go to Listings. Select the gear icon under the desired listing, then and choose Share.

    On the Etsy Seller app, select Listings. Find the desired listing and select Share listing.

  • Promo codes: On desktop and mobile web, go to  Sales and Discounts. Select the promo code you want to share and copy the trackable link.

    On the Etsy Seller app, select More. Under Marketing, choose Sales & Discounts. Find the promo code you want to share under Offer details and stats and select Details, then copy the trackable link.  

Unique to the  Etsy Seller App are trackable links for:

  • Reviews: From the Home or Reviews section of the app, find the review you want to send and select the “...” icon. Then choose Share review.

  • Shop sections: From Listings, choose the section of your shop you want to share, then select Copy link

Links sent to buyers through Etsy Messages or placed in listing descriptions will not count towards Share & Save benefits.  

How can I track which orders were placed through my links? 

Go to Shop Manager to see which orders were placed through Share & Save: 

  • Stats: Under Traffic from your Share & Save links, you can see the total number of clicks, orders, the amount of revenue you made, and the amount of money you saved using Share & Save. You can also copy your trackable shop link from here.

  • Orders and Shipping: Orders that were placed using a promoted link will have a badge marked Share & Save.

  • Finances: Go to your Payment Account. Under Fees, you can see the amount of your Share & Save refund. Your refund amount is also a line item in your balance under Recent activities

How can I turn off Share & Save? 

If you want to turn off Share & Save: 

  1. In Shop Manager, choose Marketing
  2. Select Share & Save
  3. Navigate to How can I opt out of Share & Save?
  4. Select Opt out

You can rejoin Share & Save at any time. The URL that you use through Share & Save ( will still direct buyers to your shop, but purchases made through those visits will not result in Share & Save benefits.

Where can I learn more about promoting my shop?

Etsy has a variety of resources that can help you learn how to better drive traffic to your shop using your shop and listing links: 

Why didn’t I get my Share & Save benefits? 

If you feel like your order should have counted towards Share & Save but didn’t, make sure to check the following before contacting Etsy support: 

Did you deactivate Share & Save? 

Your shop and listing links will only generate benefits if you’re currently enrolled in Share & Save. If you choose to deactivate Share & Save for several days and then reactivate it, clicks on your trackable links during that time will not result in orders that earn the Share & Save credit.

Was the order placed through an Offsite ad? 

Orders are tracked based on the last link the buyer clicked before making a purchase. If a buyer last visits your shop from an Offsite ad before completing their order, it won’t be eligible for Share & Save. 

Orders that were purchased through Offsite ads are visible on the Stats section of your Shop Manager, and will also show in your payment account. Learn more about how Offsite Ads works.

Are you using a custom URL? 

If you have a custom Etsy domain address, consider forwarding your URL to the format to make sure that orders are properly credited to Share & Save. 

  1. Go to your Custom web address page
  2. Select Manage your web address on Hover
  3. In the Forwards section, select Create a Forward. If you already have forwarding set up and want to change the URL it forwards to, select Edit
  4. In Forwarding To, input your shop link in the format of
  5. Select Save forward. It may take several minutes for the changes to take place. 
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