How to Report a Review

To report a review, select Report this review under the review on

You can report a review, a review’s photograph or video, or a review response from a seller if it doesn’t comply with Etsy's Buyer or Seller Policy.

You can report a review until 100 days after the estimated delivery date of that item.

If you’re a seller, learn what to do if you receive a negative review.

After you report a review

After you report a review, Etsy’s team will determine whether it violates our policies. 

When Etsy’s investigation reveals that a review is in compliance with Etsy’s policies, no action will be taken.

In other cases, Etsy will take appropriate action to remedy any issues with the review.

Will the reviewer know that I reported their review?

No, reporting reviews is confidential. The reviewer won’t know who reported their review.

Can I report a review more than once?

No, you don’t need to flag a review multiple times. Additionally, don’t discuss a review you have reported in any of Etsy’s community spaces.

Can I flag reviews that may infringe on my intellectual property?

Reporting reviews helps us maintain accuracy and transparency in the marketplace. However, it should not be used for intellectual property matters.

For intellectual property concerns, please see Etsy's Intellectual Property Policy.

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