How to Set Up Estimated Delivery Dates

You can set up your shipping profiles to show your customers estimated delivery dates for their orders. Depending on where your shop is located, you can enable it in different ways:

On Etsy, a package which has arrived anywhere within the estimated date range, is considered to have arrived on time. As long as you have shipped the order by the stated ship by date and have valid proof, you will not be held responsible for delays that occur in transit, caused by the carrier. Learn how to resolve a dispute with a buyer.

How to set up Estimated Delivery Dates

US and Canada sellers: Listings with calculated shipping and a processing time will already have an estimated delivery date.

📦      When you purchase and print shipping labels on Etsy, we’ll automatically mark orders as complete and send your buyers their tracking number. That way they’ll know when to expect their orders. Purchase Etsy Shipping Labels.

To set up estimated delivery dates if you don’t use calculated shipping (required in the US):

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to Shop Manager.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Go to Shipping settings.
  5. Select Shipping profiles.
  6. Select Add a shipping profile (or Edit an existing one). 
  7. If you are in the US or Canada: Next to Shipping prices, select I’ll enter fixed costs manually or Calculate them for me. (Skip this step if you're not in the US or Canada).
  8. Select the Shipping origin, and your Processing time.
  9. If you are in the US: Add your zip code in Origin ZIP code.
  10. In the Fixed shipping prices section, select your preferred or most used Shipping carrier and Mail class.
  11. Under What you’ll charge, choose whether to offer Free shipping or set up a Fixed price yourself.
  12. Click Create profile.

Use this shipping profile for your listings to show your customers the estimated delivery date for their order.

What is an Estimated Delivery Date?

The estimated delivery date shows when we think your order should arrive.

The range of dates provided for expected delivery is determined by your quickest processing time + your quickest expected transit time for the early end of the range, and your longest processing time + your longest expected transit time for the late end of the range.

For example, if the processing time for an item purchased is 3-5 days, and the transit time for the shipping method chosen is usually 2-4 days, the estimated delivery date is 5-9 days from the order date.

The estimated delivery dates being shown are too early/too broad

Consider narrowing your processing time range if you rarely ship earlier than the date the order is due. You can edit your processing time and select the Custom option to have greater control over your processing time.

If you’ve set your own Delivery time when choosing Other as your mail carrier, review those settings regularly and adjust as needed, as service standards may change.

The estimated delivery dates being shown are not accurate

You can manually set a range of estimated shipping times for each location.

To do so, you'll edit your shipping settings on your listings. Where the shipping costs and carriers are entered for the listing, you can change the carrier to Other. This will allow you to enter your own range.

I ship from multiple locations. How should I set up my profiles?

If you ship from multiple locations, you can create a shipping profile and a listing for each location you ship from. Then, link each shipping profile to the relevant listing. This associates the correct delivery date with each listing.

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