How to Calculate Your Etsy Payments Deposit Amount

Etsy Payments automatically calculates the deposit amount you receive in your bank account. This amount is the total of your Etsy Payment sales and the activity in your Payment account. When you’re enrolled in Etsy Payments, your sales funds are used to pay for your shop fees

To calculate your Etsy Payments deposit amount, download your monthly statement to see your full sales funds and the fees and taxes applied to your sales. 

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How to download your monthly statement CSV

Your monthly statement contains all activity within your Payment account for a given month, which you can then use to calculate your deposit amount.

To download your monthly statement CSV files:

  1. On, go to Shop Manager.
  2. Go to Finances
  3. Choose Monthly statements.
  4. Select View all monthly statements.
  5. Choose the year and month you're interested in.
  6. Select Generate CSV. You’ll receive an email when the CSV file is ready.
  7. Select Take me to download in the email, and then select Download CSV to download your CSV file.

How to calculate your Etsy Payments deposit amount

To calculate your deposit amount: 

  1. Find your most recent deposit in your monthly statement CSV.
  2. Sum all Fee and Tax amounts from the most recent deposit to present.
  3. Sum all sales that are available for deposit. Any sale that isn’t yet available for deposit shows when funds will be available in the Info column. Don’t include these sales in your calculation for your deposit.
  4. Subtract your Fee and Tax sum from your available funds sum.

Your deposit schedule determines when funds will be sent to your bank account. For example, if you receive deposit amounts weekly (every Monday), you’d want to calculate your deposit for a week to match weekly deposit amounts.

If you have an available for deposit balance but don’t see a deposit in your account yet, take a look at these common reasons for not receiving your deposit.

Why doesn’t my deposit from Etsy match my Net profit?

Your deposit amount may not match the Net profit amount in the Activity summary of your Payment account. Your Net profit is the sum of your total sales, fees, marketing, and shipping costs for the selected time period.

Your deposits are based on the amount that is Available for deposit in your Payment account. The amount Available for deposit includes your available funds, minus fees, refunds, taxes, and other activity. It doesn’t include funds from sales not yet available for deposit.

Your deposit schedule determines when funds are deposited to your bank account. For example, many sellers receive deposits weekly. Your Net profit can only be calculated at a minimum of a monthly basis.

Learn more about your Payment account.

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