Global Postal Shipping Labels on Etsy

You can purchase and print Global Postal Shipping labels directly from your Etsy shop.

To buy Global Postal Shipping labels from Etsy, you must be based in the US and accept either Etsy Payments or PayPal

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How do Global Postal Shipping labels work? 

Our provider for Global Postal Shipping labels, Asendia USA, Inc. (“Asendia”) (“Global Postal Shipping Partner”), partners with USPS and other national postal services to ship packages internationally.

When you purchase a Global Postal Shipping label, you’ll print a USPS domestic shipping label addressed to the closest Asendia processing center. When our Global Postal Shipping Partner receives your package from USPS, they replace the domestic shipping label with a USPS international shipping label or other national postal carrier addressed to your buyer, that includes the customs information you’ve provided. They then send the package through the buyer’s country’s national postal carrier, who delivers the package to the buyer’s address.

How much do shipping labels cost?

There are no additional fees, outside Etsy’s normal fees (i.e. transaction fee), from Etsy to use Global Postal Shipping labels. The cost of a shipping label will depend on the origin, destination, weight, and dimensions of the package. When purchasing a Global Postal Shipping label on, you can preview its cost after you add the package details. The cost of each purchased shipping label will appear separately in your Payment account.

What shipping services are available? 

Global Postal Shipping includes an international shipping service through Etsy’s partnership with Asendia. It includes an affordable international shipping option that uses First Class International Parcel and other services.

Global Postal Shipping labels are available for international orders up to 4 lbs. (not including those going to Canada).

When you purchase an international shipping label, the necessary customs forms will be provided to you. It’s your responsibility to ensure the required information is completed.

How do refunds and claims work? 

If you bought a label by accident or no longer need it, you can request a refund for unused, unscanned labels within 10 days of purchase. You can purchase a new label at a later time. Learn how to request a refund for a shipping label.

If you insured your package through Shipsurance, learn how to file a claim.

If an item is undeliverable, it will be returned directly to your address and not to the Global Postal Shipping partner facility. Both domestic and international labels will include your shop name and return address. 

How does tracking work on a Global Postal Shipping label?

Complete tracking history for Global Postal Shipping labels is only available on for both buyers and sellers.

Global Postal Shipping labels use a combination of carriers to help ensure a timely delivery. Etsy combines tracking information for each part of the package’s journey to show a complete history.
Tracking for the entire package journey will be visible in the Orders & Shipping section of Shop Manager. We note “Tracked on Etsy” in Shop Manager and in buyer notifications.

Buyers can view tracking in the Etsy app and on by visiting Purchases and reviews.

Customs IDs and tracking

Etsy provides customs IDs for Global Postal Shipping Label shipments. These ID numbers can be used to track the package. Customs IDs are created when the package is prepared to leave the United States. 

Buyers can enter a customs ID on the website of the shipping carrier, or on sites like AfterShip, to track their package.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Choose Shop Manager.
  3. Choose Orders & Shipping
  4. Select the Order Number to show the order details.
  5. About halfway down the order details page, there will be a section with shipment information.
  6. Select it to see More details.
  7. The Customs ID number will be at the bottom.

Why does Etsy partner with a provider for some international orders?

Etsy partners with Asendia to help keep the costs of international shipping lower, and to make sure that you can continue to ship your orders internationally to help you have more options.

How do I tell my labels apart?

If you print several Global Postal Shipping labels at once, you’ll notice that they may all have the same address. You can tell which label is for which order by the buyer’s name, country, and order number, located at the bottom of the label, where the carbon offset banner normally is.

What If I use USPS SCAN forms?

If you use USPS SCAN forms, these Global Postal Shipping Labels will appear on your domestic SCAN form. This is because USPS still handles the domestic leg of your package’s journey.

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