Canada Post Solutions for Small Business

Postage for Canada Post can be purchased in Shop Manager, and Canadian sellers who are members of Canada Post Solutions for Small Business (SfSB) are now able to purchase discounted Canada Post postage directly from Etsy.

How do I get my SfSB discounts?

Eligible sellers will see a "Connect your Canada Post Solutions for Small Business account" prompt and a Connect account button in Shop Manager.  Clicking the button will display a screen where you can enter and save your SfSB account number. You can also make this connection in your shipping settings: Shop Manager > Settings > Shipping settings > Rates & upgrades. If you don't have an SfSB account, you can use the link on this screen to create one.

You can find your SfSB account number by logging in to your Canada Post account on, clicking "My Account", and looking at the top right corner of the page next to your business name. 

If you are not already using Etsy Shipping Labels, you will be prompted for your address and phone number to onboard you to that feature after you save your SfSB account number. 

Once the process is completed, you will see a success message and your discount tier and percentage will be displayed. 

Where will the discounts be visible?

If you use calculated shipping, you'll see a preview of the discounted postage price in the calculated shipping profile(s) that apply to Canada and Canada Post.

When you purchase shipping labels, you will see a discounted cost and a note that this came from SfSB.

How does label printing work?

For most label purchases, the labels will be available for printing immediately after purchase. For larger amounts of labels purchased in a single batch, you might see a notification that your labels will become available for printing in a few minutes. The status of the label purchase will also be displayed on the "Completed" tab of the "Orders & shipping" page. This status will automatically update to show when the labels are ready for printing. (If you are not viewing this page when your order is ready to print, you will see a pop up notification in the lower left corner of your screen.)

How do refunds work?

Refund requests for Canada Post postage can be submitted using the link provided for the order. This link will not be available immediately after purchase, so you may see a message asking you to wait at least an hour before the option becomes available.

When you submit a refund request for SfSB postage, your confirmation messages on screen and in email will include a Canada Post service ticket number for the refund. You can refer to this if you need to contact Canada Post directly. You will also receive an email directly from Canada Post informing you of the status and outcome of your request.

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