Why Was My Star Seller Badge Removed?

To become a Star Seller, your shop must meet certain criteria and comply with all of Etsy’s policies. If your shop earned a Star Seller badge but no longer meets the requirements for the program, we may remove the badge.

In accordance with the Star Seller Terms, the following may result in temporary or permanent disqualification from the program:

  • your shop no longer meets the qualification criteria
  • your shop has an overdue bill
  • your account privileges were limited
  • your account violated our Terms of Use, including and not limited to our Seller Policy
  • we have reason to believe you attempted to falsely inflate your Star Seller stats

How can I find out why my badge was removed?

You’ll see a banner on your Star Seller dashboard if your badge was removed for a policy violation or because your account privileges were limited. Examples of account limitation that may result in badge removal are: Etsy removing your listings from search, placing your shop on pause, suspending your selling and buying privileges, and/or disabling your ability to send Messages.

Learn more about what features you have access to if your account is limited.

You may also receive an email from Etsy with details of the policy violation, your account status, and/or badge visibility. If you’ve received an email about your account status, you should respond directly to that email; however, if it is from noreply@etsy.com and you have questions, click Contact support at the bottom of this page. 

Does badge removal affect my other shops?

If you operate multiple shops, removal of the Star Seller badge in one shop does not affect badges held by any others. Although badges are not affected, policy violations and account limitations in one account may apply across any accounts Etsy determines are related.

How can I get my badge back?

If and how you can get your badge back depends on why your badge was removed:

  • If your shop is permanently disqualified from the Star Seller program, it is no longer eligible to receive a Star Seller badge. 
  • If your badge was removed because of an overdue bill, you may be able to reinstate your Star Seller badge by paying your bill.
  • If you received an email specifying that your badge was removed for 90 days, you'll need to wait for the next Star Seller review period after those 90 days have passed to potentially requalify.
  • If your shop’s badge was removed as the result of a temporary account limitation, and you didn’t receive a specific time frame of how long it will remain removed, the badge will be reactivated once your account is reinstated (as long as your shop meets all other Star Seller requirements).

How can I prevent badge removal in the future?

Alongside meeting the Star Seller criteria, we expect sellers to comply with Our House Rules, which include policies related to shipping, communication, and customer service.

To prevent badge removal as well as negative experiences for buyers, you’ll need to accurately represent your shop and offer quality customer service. This includes communicating professionally, completing your orders on time, and only completing them once you intend to ship them. Learn more about our customer service expectations for sellers. 

In addition to preventing issues, we encourage you to reach out to buyers who may have expressed concerns about their orders to see if you can leave them with a positive experience with your shop. Although we ask that you try to fix issues, review extortion and shilling remain against our policies and may result in permanent badge removal. 

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