Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges for Sellers

Etsy is a venue made up of independent sellers who run their own shops. This means that each seller is responsible for their own policies regarding refunds, exchanges, and returns. Individual policies will vary from shop to shop.

As a seller on Etsy, you’re expected to clearly state your policies regarding returns and refunds in your shop policies. This includes:

  • Whether or not you accept returns
  • The time frame in which you may accept a return
  • Who will pay for the cost of return postage for any items that are sent back to you

If you enter into a return agreement with a buyer via Etsy Messages or Etsy's case system, we require you to fulfill that agreement. This may include:

  • Issuing a refund for the returned item(s)
  • Providing Etsy with proof of dispatch for a replacement item

If you do have a problem with a transaction, it’s best to contact the buyer directly via Etsy Messages. Buyers are also encouraged to contact you if they experience any issues.

If the buyer does end up opening a case, this Help article explains what you need to do next.

For additional information about refunds and returns, take a look at these Help articles:

Cancelling a Sale
Issuing an Etsy Payments Refund
Refunding an Order via PayPal
Seller Case Resolution

European Union

If you enter into a transaction with a buyer that is located in the European Union, you are subject to comply with the EU Directive on Consumer Rights.

For an EU buyer wishing to resolve a dispute with an EU seller: we believe our case system is the most effective and speediest means of resolving disputes between buyers and sellers. However, if you don't want to use our case system, you have the option of using the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform instead, which you can find here.

Questions about working with customers?

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After you dispatch an order, you can mark it complete or add tracking information.

If you use an Etsy postage label, the order automatically moves to the Completed tab and the buyer is notified that the order is dispatched on the date on the postage label.

If you deliver through a different delivery method, you can mark the order as complete. To mark an order as complete:

  1. Find the order on your Sold tab
  2. Click the timer icon on the order, then click Mark complete (if you don’t have custom progress steps, you won't need to click Mark Complete after clicking the timer icon).
  3. You can then:
  • Choose a Dispatch Date. We won’t send a Dispatch Notification to your buyer until the package’s Dispatch Date. 
  • Add a personal Note to Buyer.
  • Add a tracking number, if one was provided by your delivery carrier.

You can include a tracking number when you mark an order complete

You can also add new tracking after marking an order complete on the Completed orders page:

  1. Click the (ellipsis) icon next to the order. 
  2. Click Add tracking.

My USPS tracking information isn’t working

If tracking information isn’t working on USPS’s site, tracking may be provided through Pitney Bowes. We partner with Pitney Bowes to supply tracking information for  tracked letters and flat packages. The tracking number won’t work on USPS’s site, but you and the buyer can access tracking information by clicking the tracking link through Etsy.

Etsy won’t accept my tracking information

If you get a “Tracking not supported” error, this may be due to the carrier requiring security validation on their site. You can send track through a link in the "Note to buyer" or a Message.

The order status is incorrect

If an order was delivered, but is showing the incorrect status, this is usually an issue with how the status is displayed. The package status displayed on Etsy can't be edited, but this doesn't affect payment for the order and the buyer will still able to leave feedback.

The currency on the packing slip will be the buyer’s preferred currency. This can be different than the currency of their country or your shop. The order receipt displays your shop’s currency.

While delivery issues can happen, by working with the buyer on a solution, you can often ease a frustrating situation and use it to build customer loyalty. You can offer a refund, replacement, and/or work with the delivery service to file a claim if you purchased insurance. As the sender, you’ll need to file a claim for insurance coverage. If you purchased an Etsy postage label, learn how to file an insurance claim.

Work with the buyer and advise them to check in with their local post office as well as their neighbours. 

In the event that the buyer files a non delivery case, we need to see proof the item was sent to the address on the Etsy receipt or the address agreed upon in Etsy Messages. Comment in the case log with proof of delivery: 

  • A delivery service receipt
  • A tracking number and/or tracking information that shows the package was delivered to the buyer
  • A customs form (for international packages)
  • A scanned copy of the dispatch confirmation or departure information
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