How to Change a Buyer's Delivery Address

The buyer's delivery address submitted with their order can be edited when you purchase a postage label (available to sellers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia). Or, you can leave a private note on the order with the buyer's requested address. That way, you'll see it when you're ready to dispatch the item.

To edit the address when purchasing a postage label:

  1. Follow the steps to purchase postage labels.
  2. Click the Edit link near the buyer's address.
  3. Click Purchase to complete the purchase. Address changes made without completing the postage label purchase won’t be saved.

How to add a private note

If postage labels aren’t available in your area, you won’t be able to change the delivery address. However, you can add a private note to the order as a reminder of the new address requested by the buyer.

To add a private note:

  1. On, click the Shop Manager icon.
  2. Click Orders & Delivery.
  3. Click on the order number.
  4. Click Add a private note.
  5. Type in the new delivery address
  6. Click Save.

Address edits should be confirmed with the buyer via Messages. Another option is to cancel the order and have the buyer repurchase with a correct address.


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