How to Get Paid on Etsy

You set up your shop, you made your first sale. Time to get paid!

Etsy Payments is the main way to get paid on Etsy. With Etsy Payments, buyers can use most payment methods to purchase from your shop. You get direct deposits to your bank account.

Some shops use PayPal to get paid. Starting April 26, 2021, you will be temporarily unable to open a shop in most markets where Etsy Payments is not currently available. If you opened your shop before that date and you’re in a country that isn’t eligible for Etsy Payments, you should be able to continue using your own PayPal account to accept payments.

Sellers in India can use India Payments, powered by our third party payments partner, to offer UPI & Net Banking as payment methods to India buyers and PayPal to buyers outside of India.

What is Etsy Payments?

Etsy Payments is the easiest way to get paid through Etsy. With Etsy Payments, your buyers can choose their preferred way to pay, and you get all your payments in one place. Learn more about Etsy Payments.

Note: You must be located in an eligible country to use Etsy payments.

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Etsy Payments is the easiest way to get paid on Etsy. With Etsy Payments, buyers can use most payment methods to purchase from your shop. You get direct deposits to your bank account or Payoneer Payment Account for sellers in applicable countries. Your shop must be located in a country eligible for Etsy Payments

For new shops, enrolling in Etsy Payments is part of opening your shop.

If your shop is already open, in your Payment settings select Enroll in Etsy Payments.

If your country recently became eligible for Etsy Payments, please give us your feedback.

When you start using Etsy Payments, we need to verify your identity. This helps Etsy protect both you and the overall safety of the marketplace. Learn more.

If you are required to use a Payoneer Payment Account, Etsy will verify your identity if you enroll with Etsy Payments as a “business.” Otherwise, you’ll only verify your identity separately with Payoneer. Contact Payoneer for any help.

If we can’t verify your identity from the information you gave us when you signed up for Etsy Payments, you’ll be asked for additional information to confirm your identity.

To verify your identity for Etsy Payments:

First, make sure that you entered all your personal and financial information on your Payment account. Check your information in your Payment settings.

  1. Choose Edit next to Bank details. Check that your bank details are correct and select Save new details.
  2. Select Address and check that your address is correct.

Next, scan or photograph your government-issued ID. This can be one of the following:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • A valid government-issued passport

The information on the document must correspond with the information provided during shop setup.

Then, upload the image of your documents.

Finally, confirm your personal information again in your payment account and add a debit or credit card to your shop, which is a requirement for most Etsy shops in your Payment settings under Billing.

If your account was suspended for an overdue balanceyou’ll need to pay your amount due to reinstate your account. After you pay your balance, your account should be automatically reinstated unless your account is suspended for another reason

Pay your balance

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