FedEx Shipping Labels on Etsy

You can purchase and print FedEx shipping labels directly from your Etsy shop.

To buy FedEx shipping labels from Etsy, you must be based in the US and accept Etsy Payments. Labels can be purchased for both domestic and international addresses. Labels can be purchased on, and on the Etsy Seller App

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How much do shipping labels cost?

There are no additional fees, outside Etsy’s normal fees (i.e. transaction fee), from Etsy to use FedEx shipping labels.

When you purchase a FedEx® Shipping Label on Etsy, the label’s cost is an estimate from FedEx based on your entered shipping service, weight, dimensions, origin zip code, and destination zip code. When the package is delivered, FedEx will verify that all of the information you entered is accurate. If any discrepancies are found at that time, FedEx will adjust the final cost of the label.

The cost of each purchased shipping label will appear separately in your payment account. Associated credits, additional fees, or surcharges will also be listed on your payment account as a “FedEx Shipping Label Adjustment.” Learn more about FedEx surcharges. 

Available shipping services

Etsy and FedEx offer a selection of methods for sending parcels, and tubes to both domestic and international addresses. Packages shipped via FedEx must be dropped off at a FedEx location.

For sending items within the US, you can choose:

  • FedEx Ground®
  • FedEx Home Delivery®
  • FedEx Express Saver®
  • FedEx SmartPost®

  • FedEx 2Day®
  • FedEx Priority Overnight®
  • FedEx Standard Overnight®

Depending on the international destination, we offer FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Economy®, and FedEx International Ground to Canada®. When you purchase an international shipping label, the necessary forms will be provided to you. Learn more about the required documents for international shipping on the FedEx International Shipping Resources page.

Learn more about what can and cannot be sent in the mail.

All FedEx labels purchased through Etsy come with up to $100 of liability insurance. You can purchase additional insurance for FedEx shipments through Shipsurance.

Refunds and claims

If you bought a label by accident or no longer need it, you can request a refund for unused, unscanned labels within 10 days of purchase. You can purchase a new label at a later time. Learn how to request a refund for a shipping label.

For refunds related to late delivery, loss, or damage of a package without additional shipping insurance, you may be able to file a claim directly with FedEx. If you purchased FedEx’s service SmartPost®, you must file a claim on Etsy.

To file a claim on Etsy for a FedEx SmartPost® shipment:

  1. On, choose Shop Manager.
  2. Select Orders & Shipping.
  3. Find the order you want to file a claim for.
  4. Select File a claim within the shipping label details.
  5. Fill out the claim form by specifying the impacted item(s) in the order, the reason for filing the claim, and the amount.
  6. Choose Submit.

Etsy will send FedEx a record of your claim. FedEx will review the claim and determine whether it is payable or not. If it is payable, you will receive a credit in your Payment account for the approved claim amount.

The status of the claim will show in the order details.

If you insured your package through Shipsurance, learn how to file a claim.

Setting FedEx as your default shipping carrier

After you’ve purchased a FedEx shipping label on Etsy, you can set FedEx to be your default carrier if you plan to use FedEx regularly. That way if you also use USPS, we’ll prioritize FedEx every time you purchase a label.

To set FedEx as your default carrier when you purchase shipping labels:

  1. On, choose Shop Manager.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Choose Shipping settings.
  4. Select Shipping Label Options.
  5. Select FedEx under Preferred Shipping Carrier
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