Seller Service Level Standards

Buyers come to Etsy for special, one-of-a-kind items and a personalized shopping experience with customer service they can depend on.

Etsy’s Seller Service Level Standards define:

These standards ensure that Etsy remains a trusted brand that provides the best experience to shoppers and sellers alike.

Customer service expectations for Etsy shops

In order to sell on Etsy, sellers agree to provide a great customer experience, every time a buyer engages with their shop. When buyers make a purchase, they trust that they will receive their order in a timely manner, and  that their item(s) will be as they were described on Etsy.

Shops are expected to:

Here are some resources to help your shop provide great customer service:

How a shop’s customer service performance is measured

To help sellers maintain a level of great customer service, we measure the Order Dissatisfaction Rate (ODR) for all shops on Etsy.

A shop’s ODR is a reliable measurement of the quality of customer service that shop provides to their buyers. ODR is the percentage of orders that have a review of two stars or less or an opened case over a given period of time

All shops must maintain an Order Dissatisfaction Rate of less than 1% to sell on Etsy.

What happens if a shop doesn’t meet these standards

We recognize that, despite a seller’s best efforts, some orders will not go as expected and may result in a low review or case. 

If a shop exceeds the acceptable ODR threshold or displays a pattern of customer service issues, Etsy’s Trust & Safety team may reach out with a Customer Service Warning. For shops otherwise compliant with Etsy’s policies and expectations, warnings will only be sent if a shop meets all of the following criteria:

  • Has an Order Dissatisfaction Rate that is 1% or higher
  • Has at least three orders with a case or low review since the shop’s first sale
  • Has two or more orders placed within a 60 day evaluation period that resulted in a case or low review

Shops that receive a Customer Service Warning will have access to a complete summary of their customer service performance to help them improve their shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate with future orders.

If a shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate rises or falls dramatically before a 90 day evaluation period is complete, Etsy may reevaluate performance sooner.

If a shop continues to exceed Etsy’s allowable Order Dissatisfaction Rate or otherwise fails to demonstrate the level of customer service we expect, we may investigate and take action, including permanent revocation of buying and selling privileges in any account they may hold. Shops that have never provided strong customer service are eligible for permanent suspension at any time.

Learn how to improve your shop’s ODR.

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