How to Appeal a Suspended Account

If your account privileges were permanently suspended due to a policy violation and you’d like to continue selling on Etsy, you may file an appeal with Etsy. 

Appeals may only be filed after account privileges are permanently suspended. Filing an appeal is not necessary for issues that are considered in progress, such as non-delivery or not-as-described cases. If you received an email indicating your account has been temporarily suspended, please review it for guidance.

If your account was suspended for an overdue balance, please review this article for assistance

Suspensions for multiple policy violations, or those issued by our Legal team are not eligible for appeals (i.e. repeat notices of intellectual property infringement). Learn more about legal-related violations.

How to file an appeal for your suspended account

Before you file an appeal, you must resolve all outstanding account issues, including resolving open cases and paying any outstanding balances.

Appeal my account suspension

When you contact us, include a detailed message, covering:

  • A description of your business history with Etsy
  • What factors led to your suspension
  • Your plan to remediate the issues in your account
  • Details about how the items you sell fit within Etsy’s policies

What happens after I file my appeal?

A specialist will review your appeal and your account history, and reply with a final decision over email. Due to the complex nature of these investigations, it can take up to several weeks to receive a decision.

We encourage you to be transparent and forthcoming with any details requested during the appeals process, as it is a seller’s final chance to potentially reopen their business on Etsy.

Submitting an appeal doesn’t guarantee reinstatement of your account privileges. The appeal only ensures that a qualified specialist will conduct a review of your account history and information to determine the status of your account.

What happens if my appeal is unsuccessful?

If a specialist determines that your account will remain permanently closed, there will be no further consideration of reinstatement. 

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