How to Reinstate Your Suspended Account

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Depending on the reason for the suspension, Etsy may send you an email with details about your account status. Follow the directions to resolve the suspension. Check your spam and junk folders. If you’re a seller, check for a banner on your Dashboard.

Etsy suspends accounts when we have reason to believe our policies have been violated, when shops have an overdue bill, and when shops haven’t submitted information or completed steps that are required so that Etsy can comply with security measures and/or applicable laws.

Suspensions are definitely not something we take lightly, and we hope to be able to work with you to resolve the issue. In some cases, you can quickly resolve the suspension on your own.

If you’re a seller with missing listings, you could have an issue with individual listings and not an account suspension. Learn how to find a missing listing and why listings are removed by Etsy.

Why was my account suspended?

In most cases, you’ll receive an email from Etsy explaining what happened and how to resolve the suspension. Be sure to check your spam folder. The email will explain what happened and how to resolve the issue. If you’re a seller, you may see a banner in your Shop Manager Dashboard.

How do I know if my account is temporarily or permanently suspended?

If you’re temporarily suspended, messaging from Etsy will explain how to resolve the issue.

If your account is permanently suspended, the email from Etsy will say “permanently suspended” in the subject line and body. You can appeal a permanent suspension once you resolve the issues that lead to the suspension. Learn how.

How to resolve common reasons for suspension

Here’s how to resolve some common temporary suspensions on your own. If you’re unsure why you were suspended, check each of these to see if any applies to you. Depending on the reason for the suspension, you might be automatically reinstated. This isn’t a complete list of reasons why accounts are suspended by Etsy.

Overdue bill

If your shop was suspended for an overdue billing balance, you’ll just need to pay the bill. Paying your Amount due should quickly, automatically reinstate your account.

Pay your balance

Learn more about what to do when you have an overdue balance.

Missing taxpayer ID in shop

Etsy requires sellers in the US to have a taxpayer ID on file when they meet a certain sales threshold so we can comply with tax laws. Learn more.

Your account should be automatically reinstated shortly after you add your taxpayer ID on your Legal and tax information page.

Missing bank account in shop

Sellers outside the US must add their bank account soon after their first sale so that we can deposit earnings from sales. Learn about updating your bank account.

Unfinished bank account verification in your shop

If you begin updating your bank account, you have a time limit to complete the verification. This helps us keep your account and financial information secure. Completing the verification should quickly, automatically reinstate your account and shop.

Learn more about updating your bank account.

Problems with identification verification

When setting up a shop, Etsy will ask for information to verify your identity. If we have trouble verifying your identity, we may ask for more info. If we continue to have trouble, your account may be suspended until we can verify your information. Check for an email from Etsy and learn about verifying your information for Etsy Payments.

Seller info confirmation needed

Etsy is contacting some sellers to provide and confirm seller info within a legally required deadline. Applicable shops that don’t confirm by the deadline are placed on pause via Etsy-initiated holiday mode. Check your Shop Manager Dashboard. Confirming your seller info should quickly take your shop out of holiday mode. Learn more about confirming your seller info.

Repeat policy violations

Your account may be suspended if you repeatedly violate Etsy policies after warnings from Etsy. Check your email for a message from Etsy on next steps.

What features can I use when suspended?

Some features are restricted when an account is temporarily suspended, but others remain available so that you can conduct remaining business.

  • Sign in on Etsy mobile apps
  • Purchase on Etsy
  • If you have a shop:

Learn more about resolving open orders if your account is suspended.

In some situations, listings are removed from search, but the account isn’t fully suspended. Your shop and listings won’t appear in search results on Etsy, but buyers can purchase your listings and you can still access to sections of your account in the Etsy apps and, including order history, cases, and Messages. You can issue refunds, cancel orders, and print postage labels.

You may be charged for ads from before your shop was removed from search. That can happen if a buyer purchases from your shop after clicking an Offsite Ad in the last 30 days. However, while you’re removed from search, ads will not be displayed on Etsy, and you won’t be charged fees for Etsy Ads.

Learn more about how Offsite Ads work.

Etsy may place your shop on pause via holiday mode. Holiday mode started by Etsy is different from the usual holiday mode and can’t be manually turned off by you. While in holiday mode, your listings won’t appear in Etsy search results and can’t be purchased. If you’re running an Etsy Ads campaign, that will also be paused, and you won’t accrue charges, since your ads aren’t being displayed. You also won’t be charged listing or subscription fees while your shop is on pause.

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