How to Reinstate Your Suspended Account

Etsy suspends accounts when we have reason to believe our policies have been violated to help ensure the integrity of our marketplace. 

How to reinstate your account varies based on the reason your account was suspended:

My account was suspended for an overdue balance

If your account was suspended for an overdue balance, you’ll need to pay your amount due to reinstate your account. After you pay your balance, your account should be automatically reinstated.

Pay your balance

Learn more about what to do when you have an overdue balance.

My account was permanently suspended

If your account privileges were permanently suspended due to a policy violation and you’d like to continue selling on Etsy, you can file an appeal with Etsy.

Learn more about how to file an appeal with Etsy.

If your account is permanently suspended from selling on Etsy, you’re not allowed to buy or sell on Etsy, or create a new account to buy or sell on Etsy. Depending on the reason for your permanent account suspension, you may not be able to sign in to

My account was temporarily suspended 

Depending on the reason your account was temporarily suspended, you may see a banner in your Shop Manager displaying the status of your shop, and you may also receive an email from Etsy with details about the state of your account. 

If you’ve received an email about your account status, you should resolve the issue(s) stated in the email and respond to it directly.

If you haven’t received an email, or if the email you received is from and you have questions about your temporary account suspension, select Contact support at the bottom of this page.

Some abilities and features are restricted when an account is suspended. If your account is suspended, you can continue to:

you can no longer:

  • Place orders on Etsy
  • Receive new orders (your shop isn’t viewable on Etsy)
  • Access the Etsy apps
  • Create listings in your shop
  • Purchase or print Etsy shipping labels
  • Cancel existing orders
  • View reviews left by buyers in your shop
  • Run an Etsy Ads campaign
  • Your Star Seller badge may be removed, and the ability to become a Star Seller in the future may also be removed
  • You may find that the funds in your Etsy Payment account are being held

Learn more about resolving open orders if your account is suspended.

If your shop is removed from our search, your shop and listings won’t appear in search results on Etsy.

You'll continue to have access to all sections of your account in the Etsy apps and, including order history, cases, and Messages. You can issue refunds, cancel orders, and print Etsy shipping labels.

While your shop is unsearchable, you may be charged for ads from before your shop became unsearchable, but ads on won’t run and you won’t be charged fees for them. If a buyer purchases from your shop after clicking an Offsite Ad in the last 30 days, you will be charged. 

Learn more about how Offsite Ads work.

Etsy may place your shop on pause via Vacation Mode. While in this state, your listings will no longer appear in our search results and cannot be purchased. If you’re running an Etsy Ads campaign, your ads won’t be displayed and you won’t be charged during this time. You also won’t be charged listing or subscription fees while your shop is on pause.

Learn more about what happens when your account is in Vacation Mode.

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