How to Open a Shop

Welcome to selling on Etsy! This guide will walk you through setting up your shop and adding your first listings. 

Sign up to sell

To sign up to sell on Etsy:

  1. Click Sell on Etsy at the top right of
  2. Click Open your Etsy shop.
  3. Select your shop language, country, and currency, then click Save and continue.
  4. Choose your shop name, then click Save and continue.

Can I open a shop using the Sell on Etsy app?

No, you need to complete the first step of opening your shop on a desktop web browser. Once your shop is open, you can continue on the Sell on Etsy app.

What can I sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace for handmade, vintage, and craft supply goods. When opening your shop, review our Seller Policy to make sure your items meet these requirements.

Set shop preferences

Select your shop’s language, country, and currency.

  • Shop language: The language you choose is the default language you use to describe your items. You won't be able to change it later, but if you’d like to add translations in other languages, you will be able to enroll in other languages after opening your shop. Read more about your shop language
  • Shop country: Be sure to select the correct country for your shop. Some seller tools are only available in certain countries at this time. 
  • Shop currency: Choose the currency you will use to price your listings. Currency conversion fees may apply if your bank's currency is different from your shop currency.

Select whether selling your products is your full-time job or part-time job. This question is for informational purposes only and will not affect the setup of your shop.

Choose your shop name

Choose a memorable name that reflects your style. Shop names must meet the following requirements:

  • 4-20 characters in length 
  • No spaces or special characters 
  • No profanity 
  • Not already in use by an existing Etsy member 
  • Does not infringe on another's trademark

If the shop name you entered is in use, you will see suggestions for other shop names that are still available. Your shop name will be held for you while you open your shop.

Get some tips for choosing a shop name.

Stock your shop

Add items to your shop—you’re almost ready for your big shop debut

Choose how you'll get paid

Choose the payment methods you want to offer in your shop. The following options are available:

  • PayPal. If you’re in a country that is not eligible for Etsy Payments, you’re welcome to use your own PayPal account to accept payments.

  • Check or money order. If you use a payment method that needs to be mailed to you, select Payment by Mail on the Accepted Payments page and select Money Order and/or Check. The address you enter will only be shared with a buyer who purchases from you and chooses this method. 

  • Other.This means you have another way of accepting payment. Be sure to include information and instructions about your payment method in your listings and shop policies. 

Set up the card on file:

Depending on which country you're in, you may need to enter a credit card to open your shop. The card should be a:

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • American Express 
  • Discover 
  • Carte Bleue (France)

We ask sellers in certain countries to keep a credit card on file as a means of identity verification. You may see an authorization charge to verify the card you entered on file. As soon as the card has been verified, the charge will be dropped from your statement.

Your card information is secure with Etsy. You're also welcome to pay your amount due via PayPal if you’d prefer.

Note: Sellers located in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands are not required to have a credit card on file.

Learn about Etsy's selling fees.

Open your shop

When you finish all the sections, click Open Your Shop on the bottom of the last section. You'll still be able to edit your shop after it's open.

The web address to get to your shop will be:




After you open your shop

Fill out these other sections so buyers can learn more about your shop:

Tips for success

Use the Etsy Seller Handbook as a resource for tips on how to increase visibility and attract buyers on Etsy. Here are a few articles to help you get started: 

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